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Halo Xbox tip details

Melee for champions

Melee Elites:
EGeneral Close CombatMelee for champions 10/30/02 1129`b@FFF a shot to the face. I like to charge at them with the AR, or Shotgun. (you can use any weapon you like.) With the AR I cap em' till there shields are down then I stick em' in the chops. With the Shotgun owwwww don't get me started I'm the best with the Shotgun it's my best gun! I run at them shooting' them till the shield go then I ruff em' in the head with the blunt. This works on the the blue, red, and the gold elites with the guns not the swords. The invisible bastards are easy to kill all you have to do is fire the AR like a crazy man to find them then when there visible stick em' it the jaw. The gold Elites with the swords are very strong! But im very daring I like to charge t hem smack a few times then peg em' with a plasma grenade and watch em' fly. But with any elite if you can sneak behind them, stick em' in the back of the head it's an straight kill. Mostly when you kill a elite every thing else will run so run up behind them a ruff em' up.

Melee Grunts:
Grunts are the weakest, and the most stupid aliens in the game. I like to use any gun with a good melee like the AR, shotgun, plasma pistol, and plasma rifle those are what I think have the best melee's in the game! Well anyways when you see any grunt don 't bother shoot it, melee the sucker. When there's and group cap the bastards then stick the waggerlers with the gun. When it see a sleeping grunt what's there's to say stick in the junk!!!!!! (it's funny as hell.)

Melee Jackals:
Jackals are pretty weak, but there brave. All you have to do is charge at them they should have there shields up the stick em'. Don't shoot them melee them, you can shoot them but I don't like to do it that much! that's pretty much it.

Melee Hunters:
Hunters are the strongest, biggest, and coolest aliens in the game. Charge the hunter! (it should be charging u too but if not it's cool.) Hunters have also a strong melee attack so watch out. I like to go hand to hand combat with them, melee them, shoot them dodge them then melee them in the back it should kill em.

Melee Flood:
Meleein' the flood does not always work I usually cap em'.