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Halo Xbox tip details

Fighting the Flood

When your playing Campaign, you'll encounter a new group of enemies called the Flood. Here's some things you should know.

Weapons to use:
Out of the variety of weapons offered, I'd say your best off using the shotgun against all types. One hit, one kill. Simple as that.

Best on: All types

The Pistol is decent, but It's better for long range, due to it's rate of fire.
Best on: Carrier Forms

The Assault rifle is so-so, but it's not so good against combat forms. Even if you do bring em down, sometimes they'll still be alive and they'll get back up.
Best on: Carriers, infections

The sniper rifle has basically no effect whatsoever on the combat forms. Shoot them and it'll do nothing. Go ahead. Ignore me and try.
Best on: None.

The Rocket launcher is going to kill anything in the game, so duh it will work. Just don't use too close...
Best on: All

The needler isn't much, but get a good amount of needlers on the combats and you'll probably get them.
Best on: Infections, Carriers

The plasma pistol is just as useless as the sniper rifle. It won't do crap to them, except for maybe the carriers and it will kill the infections.
Best on: Infections

The plasma rifle is slightly more useful than the sniper rifle and the plasma pistol, but still doesn't do anything to the combat forms, except making you waste time trying to kill one enemy.
Best on: Infections

About grenades, ONLY use the plasmas when they're FAR away from you. If you get one on a combat form, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. They are almost twice as fast as you. Plasma grenades work best if you put em' on the ground and back up as they charge at you. Both types of grenades work fine though.

Meleeing will NOT effect the carrier and combat forms at all. This is a good way to deal with infection forms.

What the flood forms look like.

Infection forms are those little squid-like creatures that scurry along the walls and floor and eat enemies alive and turn them into vessels. You can let a couple pop on your shields. Just don't let too many or they'll eat you alive, literally...

The combat forms are the bigger forms and they are the main uses for combat. They are the only ones that can use weapons. Their usually either elites or marines (anyone look familiar?). The Covenant Forms look like they have an elephant trunk on their chest and head and are more deadly and they have slightly long tentacles. The Human Forms are the ones that have their heads tilted back and you can see their bones sort of. They are less powerful than the Covenant Forms. They are very deadly with weapons, so watch out. Both types ran run a lot faster than you and can really jump high. Also, if your fighting them, do NOT get in a corner and KEEP MOVING.

Carrier forms are the ones that look like they're inflated bags. That bag thing they have contains some infections. They are powerful and kill anything near them by exploding, releasing the infections. They are slow however, so they're easy to escape. They were either grunts or they were combat forms that had too much damage to fight. They're easy to kill. Just a shot or two with the pistol, assault rifle, or just use the shotgun.