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Elite: Headshots and Shield Disruptions

Having trouble killing that Elite in Legendary, well trouble no more!

If your having problems with Elites, then equip yourself with the Pistol, Pistol combo. Use the Covenant version, and charge'er up, fire a blast at an Elite that 'hopefully' won't be able to dodge it, If the blast hits or not your still going to be in trouble from a counterattack, you could duck... but then the Elite's shields recharge. Instead after you fire, switch to the Human Pistol, even if you didn't take the shields down, take the thing out.

If you took the Elite's Shields down:

Aim at the head, fire three shots-even the best of us miss. At least one shot will hit if you're at the right distance, and aimed at the head. That one bullet is instant kill.

If you Didn't hit the Elite and your a very lousy shot:

Aim at the things head, and empty the whole pistol clip into it, while backing away for cover. If your lucky and hit the shields down low enough, one of those shots will not bounce off, but go through straight to the head.

If your trying this against a Gold Elite and missed with the Plasma blast then you should: