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Halo Xbox tip details

Hunters Dissected [killing zones]

Hunters have 3 'kill-zones' where they can be killed by a single pistol shot or pistol melee attack. These are:

  • Back of the Neck
  • Under the shield, and shield-arm
  • Lower back

All 3 zones are bright orange.

To kill hunters:

  1. Snipe it's back/neck from afar
  2. Get near one, wait for it to charge. Sidestep around it and shoot it in the lower back/neck 'kill-zones'
  3. [For the brave only]
    Get near a hunter, wait for it to charge.
    Stay very still.
    The moment it reaches you, as it is about to hit you with it's shield, step back and quickly shoot it in the arm/orange part of chest as it lifts up it's shield.