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Elite Analysis -- who's who in the Elite pack

Blue Elites- Blue elites tend to stay behind his fellow grunts so its harder to nail him w/ them in your way. Even worse, if you do hit them, they will cower and hide until their shields recharge. The best way to deal with these annoyances is to use a charged plasma pistol (or Needler) followed by a plasma grenade or frag grenade. That should catch the elite in a bad situation AND kill any thing around him.

Red Elites- Same basics as the Blue elite, but they can roll extremely fast and far to avoid your grenades so the tactic for the blue elite wont work very well at least the grenade part. The best weapon for this is the needler or the plasma rifle, something to replace your grenade in tactic for the blue elites.

Cloaked Elites- Know, these elites are pretty easy to kill but their only advantage is stealth. They will sneak behind you at the last moment and pelt you with endless plasma blasts. The best way to take care of these beasties is to pin them down to on e area, and to locate their constant moving bodies with your flash light. With the light you can find the distorted bodies and pelt them with what ever you have. Any basic weapons can kill them since they have no armor and they can barely leap from grenades.

Black Elite- The terrors of the elites, the worst of the worst of any I have ever seen. These elites have very precise aim, so you cannot stand still for one second. Even worse, they are very quick making grenades and even plasma based weapons ineffective. They take on all tactics as the elites above and have the uncanny accuracy with grenades with they see you for too long. Really, the best weapon combo to one-two these guys are human based weapons. (Pistol, Shotgun, and Assault Rifle which ever his handy at the time.) The best tactic against these beasts is that you move towards them as shooting, making a rushing advance so that the elites will choke and throw grenades while running. If you pelt them good enough but their shields are still active and your really close, pull out your shotgun and cap away, one shot should end their shield AND their life then reap the rewards of plasma grenades.

Gold Elites- Now these guys are just an annoyance beyond compare. Their tactic is to just rush the poor person they see and slice him to death, good for them bad for you. Fortunately if they are cloaked you can still see the big plasma sword witch kind of marks them for dead. They have altered shields that last longer against human based weapons so the best tactic for them is the same with the red elite but as and added bonus you get a cash of grenades just for blasting him sky high!

Flood Elite Combat Forms- Interesting enough, these guys are tougher than the blue and red elites. They have more hit points, or energy as I would say, so they would tend to get back up even after a firm rocket to the chest. Even worse I have seen them throw grenades so be on your toes when they are about to go down for the second time. Well as you must know the shotgun works wonders and also the assault rifle but don't forget to reap the rewards from their carcasses!

Elites are just big people with shields, feel free to explore your own tactics but my tactics seem to be a good suggestion until you find them.? Remember, each elite had a special quality suitable for their own needs therefore are VERY vulnerable to several attacks!