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Fighting Covenant for Dummies: Hunters

I've read a lot of other peEnemyHunters&Fighting Covenant for Dummies: Hunters07/17/02 2125@a@FFF, methodically, which often means slow and stealthy. With the practice, I've actually found playing on Heroic Mode now to be easier than the first time I played on Normal. I'm not the best at FPSs (a supreme understatement), so these strategies are really for my brothers and sisters that just don't have the knack for this kind of thing but still want to play.

First, find a couple good cover spots to bounce between to avoid splash damage from the Hunter's shot. I like to unload all the ammo from the various dropped Covenant weapons on 'em, because I prefer to save ballistic ammo for the less resilient breeds. Unless you have the element of surprise, trying to reach one of the tiny kill zones on a Hunter is often too risky. Should all else fail and you find yourself dealing with one of the brutes up close and personal, I've found that circle strafing (to the left) with the AR or shotgun is the best way to escape alive.