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Halo Xbox tip details

Easy Jiffy Pop Kills

For the confused, Jiffy Pops are what I call the littlest breed of Flood. You know, the ones that blow up in a spray of popcorn lookin' stuff? These things are so ridiculously easy to slaughter ^__^

There are a lot of instances (especially in the Library) where your only attackers are a wave of JPs. Just stand there and let them burst on your shield. They do so little damage, I've counted twenty individual hits before the shield ran out. If there are still more, just run around in circles until it refills. Repeat as necessary. Not single shot need be fired.

This is an excellent tactic on harder diffulty levels so you aren't distracted when fighting the harder Flood. With a little patience and stealth, it's easy to Pied Piper the lil' bastards away from the big boys and get them out of the way. Heaven forbi de you take a stupid little hit at the wrong moment.

However, I've found it's more fun to simply take a swing when they jump at you. Takes longer, but the bored can always keep a running count. Might make a decent drinking game in coop mode. Miss a Jiffy Pop, take a drink?