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Halo Xbox tip details

Useful tactics of Marines

Here are several facts and tips that will help you protect and conserve marines on any difficulty.

  1. Letting marines get shot is okay, if your trying to barrel down two elites at the same time get your marines to do some work. Although they will get shot, Its better that YOU stay alive for the rest of the level and let the marines share the pain.
  2. After marines have cleared an area they tend to just sit there and they expect you to leave them alone for the rest of the level as they walk around the same spot. If your low on ammo or want some more grenades whack a marine in the back after a long battle and they stopped at their check point because you wont see them any more.
  3. Keeping them spread out is the most valuable asset in the game to keep your marine buddies alive and kicking ass. In the level 'Halo' multiple marines tend to group up in spots and are wanting a plasma grenade spanking and you without back up. The best way to spread them out is to get them into a warthog, drive a good direction away, and then drop them off and go for more marines to drop off into another area.