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Halo Xbox tip details

Marine tactics 101

Marines are the basic force of the UNSC, therefore they should deal with the basic forces of Covenant. (Grunts, Jackals) Try to take down the elites as fast as you can because an elite will mow down a marine in a very short time. When marines a re in a group, stay with them, if you go to far ahead they will either run from battle or throw nades at the opposing forces in front of them (and you).

When encountering vehicles, Marines will usually take it down in a long period of time, shorter if they tag it with a nade. If the marines get in a toss up of vehicles and footmen, go for the foot men first, they have a better advantage then the vehicle themselves.

When you run low on ammo or on fragmentation grenades, collect the rifles from the dead marines, if you are lucky they will drop a frag or two with it.

The last thing that the UNSC is good for, is that they can take lots of damage and can cover areas easily. When in large areas or hangars they will spread out to nearly cover 1/2 of it, taking any damage thrown at them.

Remember, the elites will mow down your forces real fast (depending on rank). Keep close tabs on your marines and stay with them no matter what and you will live with OR without marines :-)


Editorial Note:
*SP* In "HALO: The Flood",? concepts like this are discussed by Master Chief.