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Halo Xbox tip details

Avoiding Rockets in the hog (with no gunner...)

Ok, so youve captured the flag/just like driving the Hog/or have a seriously demented wish for death, your in the warthog, and the guy that you thought only had an AR just whipped out his rocket launcher on you...What do you do? My simple yet(usually) effective method is to drive like a CRACKHEAD!

The idea here is that if they cant figure out where your going, they cant hit you... Make sure to keep a little distance between you and the guy with El Kaboom, and after he shoots both his rockets at you, either run him down, or run like hell. Just weave in and out unpredictably, and you should live long enuff to capture that flag!
Obviously this wont work every time, but i have done quite well with it, even if you get blown out of your ride, you usually have a good chance to run, since the blast will have blown you a few 100 yards... You guys have fun with this one, i know i have. :)