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AOTCR Natural Bridge Options (All Options)

  1. Dealing with the Banshees on the Bridge
    1. Stealing a Banshee
      1.  Grab invisibility, dash to the Banshee and hop in.
        1. Tip #70, edited: Play through the level normally until you get to the hallway that has the invisibility power-up. Don't grab it, instead go on to the next room and kill the two hunters. 
        2. When you?re done with that, go back, grab the power-up, run outside, and grab the Banshee. Fly to the top of the large building (temple) and you will find a big door. Drop out of the Banshee, open the doors and continue to the end.
          (Note: When invisible, don?t hurt/kill an enemy or they will shoot at you after you attack. If you?re feeling tempted to kill the Covenant on the bridge don't try to kill the other Banshee pilot.)
      2. Shoot the Banshee pilot(s) while either invisible or visible and then hop in a Banshee. A sniper rifle or rocket launcher can be used.
        1. Tip #180, edited: In the last long hallway, before the room with the Hunters, there are two cloaked Elites, one of whom sometimes carries a sword. Hidden behind one of the pillars is an invisibility power-up.
        2. Walk over the invisibility power-up and then make a mad dash down the hallway. Run past the Hunters, they won't see ya (obviously), then go out onto the bridge. (When I did this I still had around 12-13 shots in the sniper rifle.) Snipe the Red Elite who is up near the first Banshee and then take out the Elite who is right near you. After that, the only enemies in your immediate area are grunts and jackals, who run in fear after your slaughter of the Elites.
          You are then free to enter the first Banshee and have a dog fight with the other one. After he is destroyed, make runs on the bridge to take out stragglers then play with the tank and the two Elites who are walking around below...lots of fun.
          I saved right before I stepped out onto the bridge and played it over and over again. It doesn't get old. Try it!
      3. In multi-player, have a friend stand just in front of the load zone, you grab the invisibility, he crosses the zone, and you warp up to him, giving you plenty of time to kill the Elites on the bridge and leaving both of you with Banshees to fly.
        1. Tip #38, edited: When you finally reach the natural bridge have one person go back to get the invisibility power-up (hope you haven't picked it up already). The other player stands next to the loading point in the hallway right before the bridge. As soon as one player get s the invisibility, the other player should cross the loading point. The invisible player will warp forward and should run out onto the bridge. They?ll be invisible for plenty of time to kill all the Elites on the bridge (instead of having to run al l the way back to the bridge through the rooms). They can safely eliminate all the Elites, and get back to the safety of the hallway before becoming visible. Then, you have easy access to both the Banshees, without risking an Elite taking one of them!!!
    2. Getting rid of a Banshee (shoot a Banshee with the rocket launcher from the open door)
      1. Tip #64, edited: Open the door and fire a rocket directly at the visible Banshee. This will make it fall off the land bridge where no Elite can take it (those greedy bastards).
        Blow up everyone else, make your way down stairs, and maybe grab the sniper rifle and rocket launcher in that crevice in the ground. Walk around for a few seconds or until you find the Banshee. It'll be there all nice and shiny waiting for you to fly it. It may take a while to flip it, depending on how it lands but once you do you'll have a free ride to the Control Room doors.
      2. From Tip #105, edited: I typically use a rocket launcher to shoot a Banshee off the bridge so that it falls below and I can use it later. If you aim your shot right, you can also take out the two red guys. :-) Also make sure that you use the rocket launcher "on" the bridge to t ake out the Wraith tank below.
    3. Finishing the Level with a Banshee
      1.  Fly to the top of the temple, open the doors, finish the level.
        1. From Tip #70, edited: ?grab the banshee. Fly to the top of the large building (temple) and you will find a big door. Drop out of the Banshee, open the doors and continue to the end.
      2. Blast all the enemies on the bridge, then land and finish the entire level.
        1. g-money adds:  Although this is cumbersome, you could just use the Banshee to clear the bridge and kill any Covenant down below (including the Wraith). Then you could land back on the bridge and go through the rest of the level. But why bother?
      3. Fly to the ground and grab a Ghost to finish the level.
        1. From Tip #92, edited:  After capturing the Banshee, take out the Wraith tank below the bridge and then land down on the ground. On the ground, relative to the middle of the land bridge, there is a crevice. Inside the crevice there is a health pack, a rocket launcher (with ammo) , a sniper rifle, and regular ammo. Be careful though. Throw a grenade in first to take care of the Elite that is waiting for you with the Ghost. After nabbing the rocket launcher, take a Ghost to the second level of the tower facing the blast door. Exit your ghost from the level 2 post, run down (or jump) and open the door. Then get your ass out of there and back to your Ghost, where you can take a sniper post.
  2. Jumping Down onto the Narrow Ramp
    1. Jump down onto the skinny ramp that runs under the center of the bridge and then run up the ramp to the top of the ?temple? to finish the level.
      1. From Tip #105, edited: Let the Elite get in the Banshee. Run out to the center of the bridge and jump onto the long beam that runs down the middle of the pyramid. As soon as your shields recharge, jump down onto the pyramid. You should have two or three health bars left, which is plenty to finish off the enemies in the control room from the high point above it.
      2. g-money adds:  This Tip works in Easy and Regular mode, may work in Heroic, but probably won?t work in Legendary.
        It?s worth noting that this Tip is far more likely to work if you kill all the Covenant on the bridge before jumping down onto the beam. If you don?t want to do that, you can still jump on the beam and then run to the highest end where your 17;ll be able to snipe all the Covenant on the bridge while remaining out of range of their weapons. Also the Wraith tank won?t be able to get an angle on you. You?ll still need to deal with the Banshees and you?ll be a sitting duck on t hat beam, but in the easier settings it?s not a problem.
        Final note, about 2/3 of the way up the beam you?ll be able to slide down onto the temple rather than jump, thereby minimizing damage.
    2.  Jump down onto the ramp and then run down
      1. Grab ammunition
        1. From Tip #105, edited: Once you?re below the bridge, go into the crevice and get the rocket launcher to take out the two hunters. Then get the sniper rifle in the crevice, and, with a bit of skill, you can jump up on the beam that starts in the crevice and goes all the way to the top of the tower--it's like walking a tight-rope. From here you can just pick off those suckers on the bridge like taking candy from a baby
      2. Destroy the Wraith
        1. g-money adds: If you venture down onto the ground the Wraith tank will be able to hit you with plasma shots. You can take it out with the rocket launcher.
      3. Grab a dislodged Banshee
        1. From Tip #64, edited: Find the Banshee. It'll be there all nice and shiny waiting for you to fly it. It may take a while to flip it, depending on how it lands but once you do you'll have a free ride to the Control Room doors.
  3. Jump Down the Cliff Face
    1. Tip #114, edited: There's another way to finish the Assault on the Control Room early if both Banshees took off already. Make sure you have a sniper rifle and rocket launcher before you go out on that bridge. When you first walk out, snipe the Elite walking away from you. When he's dead kill the surrounding Grunts by the door with a rocket or two (don't worry about the Jackals).
      Look on your left and you should see a big rock by the door in the shadows. Jump on this rock. If you sidestep off the rock to the left and look down you'll see another rock. Make sure you are in the middle of it. Hold back so you stay against the wall. I f you did this right you will slide off the rock at the bottom with no damage, not even to your shields. This might take a little practice. You may get down with some damage if you didn't do it perfectly.
      Now you just have to take out the tank and snipe the Elites before they get in the Ghost (this is much easier in co-op if your teammate is in a Banshee). Now grab one of the Ghosts and finish the level.