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Halo Xbox tip details

Assault Rifle General Tips, Second Edition

The MA5B has a high rate of fire and a large clip size [60 bullets, respectivly]. The ammo count on the AR is 600 total. Further, ammo is easy to find because of all the dead Marines on the ground/floor. An example of this is on the first leve l. Melee is fast, too This is a good weapon to rely on on the Easy difficulty. On Legendary, however, it's useless. If your at long range, your only option, is short bursts which doesn't say much. Plus, it doesn't have as much stopping power ether. It's g reat for mopping up Grunts on all difficulties. On Easy, you can take an Elite with it, too. Up against Elites on Legendary, however, drop this for a different weapon, as you can't rely on it.