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Halo Xbox tip details

Assault Rifle General Tips

Like all weapons in Halo, the Assault Rifle has its place in your arsenal. Here are a few tips to remember while using the Assault rifle.

  1. Never, ever use it in the Campaign on Legendary against the Covenant. At the start of the level, get rid of it as soon as possible.
  2. Use it in small multiplayer maps. Rat Race, Wizard, Prisoner, Longest, etc. The only exception to this in my book is Chiron. This map is too broken up to outshine a more powerful weapon.
  3. Its called Assault Rifle for a reason. You wanna snipe- use the scoped weapons. You wanna be a shock trooper- deck the halls with a hail of bullets.
  4. Keep it loaded at all times. This isn't about ammo conservation. This is about pumping lead.
  5. Aim for the head. Side by side with some one shooting your body, you can almost kill them with out taking health damage.
  6. Remember the Melee attack. By shooting the head and following with a melee, I can get a kill in around 2 seconds. Try it.
  7. Keep your distance from a shotgun. A slug in the face from 5 ft. away isn't covered in your insurance plan. Rockets are bad news too.
  8. Keep moving. Hunt down your targets and don't make yourself one.

Summary: Be aggressive with the Assault Rifle. Shoot, spray, beat, and chuck grenades till your enemies surrender. Reload and repeat. And have some fun.