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Halo Xbox tip details

Bases...not fully equipped with turret and cannon..GET YOURS NOW!

To do this you need to have all vehicles on in sidewinder.

When the game begins the vehicles will fall with the warthog directly in front of the base....the scorpion tank is directly in front of it.

get in the tank, turn it around, and ride directly up the warthog...it will act like a ramp.

This results in a tank on top of the beginning of the base...potion it so that the drivers seat is facing the mountain wall.

Now the driver should have some cover from snipers, however grenades and rockets are a problem.

However the tank will never fall off unless you move it, because of its weight grenades and rockets have no effect on the actual tank.

Also note, when in the tank do not move it once positioned...only rotate the cannon.

Now have someone grab a sniper, and you'll have perfect base defense.

Also note, rather than enter the vehicle, and become sort of a sitting duck, you may want to put it up there for cover.

Then grab a sniper...hide behind the vehicle you put up there and snipe anyone who gets close...

p.s. if you die you can get back up easily by going to the top part of the base and jumping down to the ledge in which the tank sits...