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Hello, all, with new people on halo for pc, I took the liberty of sharing my experience because of 2 years of continual play. First of all is the clans. Everyone would like to belong to a clan, it gives a sense of importance. However, choose a established clan, a clan who has a website at least, and last of all, if you are not recruited, dont throw a hissy fit, your probably not good enough. Flag captures against a novice teams that get you first do not generally get you invited.

SKILLS- The most obvious of skills is mastery of pistol. Pistol is the bread and butter of halo. It is the best weapon overall, if you know how to use it. Serious players can take people down with three shots to the head. Sniper Rifle- The godly sniper is always in short demand, and are always a valuable asset. If you are good a sniping, your going to be recruited. This included sniping ppl out of ghosts and gunners off hogs.

Vehicles- The warthog is the standard of testing the driver. A good driver will give the gunner an angle to shoot, and run over things that generally can be killed on sight. Godly drivers avoid nades, dodge fuel rods, rockets, and the sniper rifle. This involves using the warthog to a masterful extent, drifting to kill multiple enemies, driving in circles to give angles, and so on.

Strategies- Attacking as an idividual without support is normally dumb. Even with heavies, you generally will not last very long, unless, they are tking which will not happen in clan wars. First, organize teams. A team should have 3 to 2 people, one pistol, and whoever the second, a heavy or some specailty weapon such as rockets.Even more effective is to find out whos talented with what weapon. A sniper wizard should have the sniper rifle at any moment given. A rocket god should always have a rocket laucher. If threatened by the enemy use it, but in other times for gathering munitions, give them what they need.

Finally-Maps- With all due respect, know the maps. People that don't know the maps hold the team back. Go on lan and tour the entire area. Find weapon spawns, camping positions, and flawed weak spots of the enemy base.
With all said. The end.