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Halo PC/Mac tip details

The Rocket Launcher

I am going to tell you facts about the rocket launcher and show multiplayer tips using this weapon.

The Rocket Launcher launches rockets, of course. It will critically damage or kill an enemy if caught near or in the splash damage radius. A direct impact with a vehicle will usually kill all who ride it, and/or flip the vehicle upside down, inoperable until flipped.

There are downsides of course, to this weapon.
1. It only uses two rockets per clip, followed by a long reloading time. Have patience and aim your shots carefully.
2. The rocket launcher's projectiles take a considerable amount of time to reach medium to long range targets compared to regular small arms fire. This means that you must lead your shots and fire ahead of the direction your target is moving. If your enemy is moving in a straight direction in let's say, a warthog, you must calculate the distance and time it would take the rocket to reach the target. But when you practice this skill, it becomes a second nature.

But besides that, if used effectively this weapon will be the one that can change the tide of the battle.

Here are some tips that will significantly increase your ownage rate with the rocket laucher:
1. Take the rocket launcher out at the last second. When a ghost or a warthog threatens to run you over, with the driver thinking they are about to get an easy kill, take out your rocket launcher and make them pay for their rash decision. The same rule applies with enemies on foot.
2. When you have an enemy that is going at you from a short to a medium range, try not to aim at the enemy himself, but the ground they stand on. If everything goes right for you, you will kill your enemy, or at least suffer considerable damage from the splash damage and stun long enough to finish him off with the second rocket.
3. Banshees; I could have grouped them with ground vehicles, as the same rules to killing their pilots do apply as well as ground vehicles. But it is relatively difficult to shoot it out of the sky with a rocket. But I do have some tips that have saved my life many times when faced with banshees. When a banshee is moving in a straight line, which even experienced banshee flyers will occasionally do, just aim ahead of the direction the banshee is moving in, just like you would a warthog. Like a warthog, it is difficult to shoot the banshee if it is moving around in unpredictable patterns, but even more so, because there is no chance of you damaging or flipping the banshee because there is nothing to make the rocket create splash damage in the air. But this can become easier with more skill. And, if you constantly face banshee noobs who try to run you over, you know what to do. Just aim straight ahead at the dumb noob who thinks he is about to get a kill.

Finally, sometimes people need to hear the obvious. Obviously, close-quarters combat is not recommended with this weapon unless you want your enemy's remains along with yours spread across half of Halo.

These are my tips on how to use the rocket launcher. I hope you have learned much from these tips, thanks for reading.