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Swatting those Pesky Airplane Things

Yeah. they I know they're called banshees, but doesn't it just appall you how few people know the effectiveness of shooting a 'shee' with an assault rifle or pistol? They can't sidestep—they usually just fly and swoop. It's easier to hit a 'shee' than a guy on foot, provided it's in range. Noobs don't realize that, unless you're shooting the direct front of it, the 'shee' has the shields of a normal player and like any normal player, two or three people shooting at it at the same time can take it out in a matter of seconds. It's always wise to give a 'shee' flying in the immediate vicinity of your base top priority—if you let it get out of hand you'll be scraping your team off the top of your base each time they spawn...