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Halo PC/Mac tip details

Every thing you need to know

These things are what keep you alive in Multiplayer:

  • Know your scopes
    Any player should master the pistol and sniper rifle and learn to lead their shots.
  • Pinpointing
    You need to learn where in best to shoot someone. Which of course is the head. Always aim for the head unless you have a fuel rod or rocket launcher.
  • moving while aiming
    if you don't move a little while in your scope you'll be a sitting duck and will probably get killed.
  • taking cover
    everyone knows when their shields goes down they must find some sort of cover... or die.
  • Stealth
    something that isn't used...using active camo isn't enough you need to be a good color which matches your surroundings. Ex. red/orange w/ blood gulch.

One player tips for Legendary

  • Know the flood
    Flood are very hard to overcome in legendary w/ their vast numbers. The most effective weapons are explosives and the shotgun. The little guys you just gotta melee them and they pop like pop corn mmmmm...popcorn
  • Know the covenant
    Elites are merciless in legendary and the best weapons are human weapons w/ the exception of the plasma rifle and needler.
    Jackals are tough and annoying. The pistol, an explosive, or the plasma pistol are the only thing that cause real damage to them.
    Grunts are not pushovers anymore the pistol, an explosive, or the needler will do fine on these runts.
    Hunters are very difficult to kill because of their high health and stamina. Rockets, melees, needlers, and pistols will do wonders on them. For melees they have to try to hit you first. Side step it and melee them in the orange area on their back.
  • Anti vehicle
    an elite + ghost = mayhem. don't let them have the chance to get an any vehicle. If they do the best weapon is a plasma nade or a rocket launcher. Anything else and your screwed.
    banshees will mow you down on foot. A well aimed rocket will do fine. If you don't got that well, there's the plasma pistol charge shot.
    shades are not as hard as banshees. on foot you gotta get a rocket or nade on em to kill em.