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Halo PC/Mac tip details

Scorpion Tank Tips

Here are some tips for all you tank lovers/haters.

  • Face the scorpion tank in the opposite direction of where you're planning to shoot. That way, your cockpit will be protected from snipers, and damage will be greatly reduced.
  • Always hold down the right mouse button when in a Scorpion tank. It will deliver a constant spray of bullets and will get a pesky sniper, or rocket launcher out of zooming mode at no extra cost.
  • When you're facing the enemy and they're on foot, hopping all over the place, blast at the ground close to them. Many times they will be killed in the splash damage.
  • Frag grenades will only put a dent in a tank driver's health, but a plasma grenade stuck to the cockpit will give you a kill. You don't even have to stick the cockpit, just stick the tank two or three times.
  • Keep it mind that the Scorpion tank is not as slow as it looks. It is rather fast, and will outrun any enemy on foot.