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Halo PC/Mac tip details

Elites, grunts, and everything else

Elites are the toughest enemies in the entire HALO for PC game. As i played through the levels, these elites really pissed me of whenever I play legendary. I usually have to unload an entire clip of MA5b just to down a blue colored one. But hey, here is what i took notes on. Anything that's a red elite or higher has similar hit points with the hunter

BLUE: 9 shots to the head to kill with pistol, cannot survive a direct hit from rocket, flinches when punched, takes around 4 seconds for it's shots to completely drain yur shields. One blue elite can be a pain in the ass if you don't take any careful measures to kill it. Best combos: Needle (Far range) Plasma pistol followed by a head shot w/ pistol( far range as well), or plasma rifle+lots of cover.

Scarlet or red: These guys seem to have 350 hit points on legendary. I hit on square o the chest with a rocket and it just got pissed off at me! The best ways to kill it are melee to the back, surprise him with a stuck plasma grenade, or simply a needler ( far range), sniper rifle ( 2 shots to the head), or the normal plasma pistol w/ pistol.

Invisible-Gray: These guys really suck balls, they don't really take any more damage than a grunt. I found that they are particularly weak against MA5B(ASSUALT RIFLE), plasma rifle, or simply ay kind of melee, they flinch a lot when you hit them,( the only exceptions are energy sword son of bitches, do not melee, there is a chance he just might swing and cut you in two.

Black: These guys are really bad news. I find them almost impossible to kill with any other strategy other them letting them duke it out with te flood, point bank shot gun, or a surprise plasma grenade. On legendary, these guys are more so than not more dangerous than Gold elites. They are extremely accurate grenaders and will latch you with a surprise if you are really careless. It takes around 2 seconds for them to down your shield. The most dangerous situation is getting flanked by one of these, you will have signed your name on a death contract, they will simply just slaughter you. Their hit points seem to be from 400-350, making a direct rocket useless against them. Best way to kil them is to slowly peep out and take down their shields and just kill them, there is no easy way to kill them.

Gold: They may be covenant JEDI and crap, but i find them much easier to kill. They always come with an energy sword, to the exception of some. They have 500 hit points but die a lot faster from head shots than scarlet or black elites. Their shots are just like those of a scarlet. They seem to be more rocket fodder than red elites, and from experience, I believe they are.

Hunters: Try to get behind them and pop them in the orange soft spots. Only sniper rifle and pistol can pull this off, no other weapons can finish them. Once i sniped one twice in the orange spot around the head, and it died! Another time I shot one hunter with the s2 am sniper rifle and the shot rebounded and killed the other hunter! Other words, these guys are fodder! all you need is a sniper rifle or pistol, if you don't, your on your own.

Grunts: Easy to kill, but deadly in groups. For those of you that haven't played Halo on legendary, the grunt is a piece of shit. In legendary, they are a pain in the ass. If you just leave one grunt alive, chances are it will either leave you mortally wounded or dead. I learned this the hard way on Silent Cartographer.
The best weapons is simply a head shot w/ pistol or assault rifle.

Jackals: These guys are not jokes on legendary, they shoot the plasma pistol as if it was a plasma rifle. They can kill you fast if you don't have cover. They are grenade fodder so use grenaders or a plasma pistol over charge.

Flood infection (spores): These people are easy, that is if they aren't in swarms of 50. Assault rifle is the best weapon for them period.

Carrier Pop corn forms: These son of bitches are walking grenades. On the lv the library, they will come out off the darned pale and award you will a big explosion. The damage is 110 DU on legendary. Plasma rifle seems to pop them fast, pistol pops them well, shot gun works but is a waste.

Warrior forms: These guys are dangerous. They will normally swarm you, rush recklessly into you, or simply melee you to death. It takes melee to kill you on legendary, for some reason, these forms are easier to kill on legendary than any other difficulty. Shot gun seems to blow the body up like magic, even from far away.
BEST WEAPONS: SHOT GUN, Pistol is a pretty good weapon that is if your an ace marks man. Pistol can be misleading, it's only effective if you shoot of the flood's arms.

Sentinels- Flying son of bitches: These flying pieces of card board are nothing to be afraid of, unless your in a banshee. Any covenant weapon will do.

Marines: Easy to kill, unless they have a sniper rifle.