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Halo PC/Mac tip details

Blood Gulch CTF, The speedy way!

Ok, i'm gonna tell you my way to get that damn flag in Blood Gulch to your base. First find a warthog and drive to the enemy base, don't try to kill someone who is shooting you, just get to that base. When you get to the base try to see if there are any other warthogs on the other side of the base. Then 'park' your car as fast as possible on the right side just next to the front entrance. Get out, go into the base and grab the flag. If there is a warthog on the other side of the base get to it, this will confuse the opponent players. If there aren't any warthogs on the other side get back to the one you came with, hoping it is still there. When you are in a warthog get as fast as you can to your base without stopping or something to kill an enemy. Get to the rear entrance of your base (if it is safe, otherwise use the front entrance), get in the base and walk over your flag to 'capture' it.