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Halo PC/Mac tip details

Team Play Strategies

No matter how good you are at Halo, even a noob with a Banshee or rocket launcher. The only way to win during any team play match is to simply help your teammates. This is particularly essential on the multiplayer map 'DEATH ISLAND'. My experience of playing on this map was 'always leave two or more people behind to guard the base. All someone has to do is haul ass on a ghost and speed into the base, and grab the godforsaken flag. Normally, no one listens to me and I have to humbly stay behind in the base to make sure no noob is going to drop by and steal the flag. I also found the location for a rocket launcher not high up on the cliff. If your on red team, simply take a hog or a ghost and drive to your right. As soon as you pass the arch, turn left. If you aren't blind, you will see a rocket launcher unless your blind. My other experiences are never take on a banshee without a group of people. You will almost definitely be killed if you try to take on a banshee in CTF with a MA5B. Get at least two people with pistol and just unload a bunch of lead into the sucker. The banshee should be dead within 5 seconds. My best strategy is to just have 3 people that are willing to stay behind to just stay behind and hold the scorpion battle tanks. No one can take on 3 scorpion tanks without being seriously hurt or dead. Even four banshees would have a great problem dealing with 3 scorpions. That is all, for now.