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The Pillar of Art's Grand Prize

On June 20, 2003, bungie.org announced the winners of the Pillar of Art contest, a traditional media competition that brought out some really impressive talents. On August 6, the grand prize winner, Adam Vehige, finally received the last piece of his loot - a framed print of a unique piece done by Lorraine 'mehve' McLees, signed by dozens of Bungie employees. We waited until Adam had seen this work before posting this page for the rest of the world... but it only seemed fair to give everyone a taste of the uber-cool prize he won. Click on the small pictures below for larger versions of both the framed piece (with signatures visible) and a closeup of the work itself. How many of the characters can you name?

Grand Prize, Pillar of Art - Framed Grand Prize, Pillar of Art - Closeup
Framed, signed print
649x800, 118K
636x800, 184K

Now don't you wish you'd entered the competition? I do...