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Fanstock Screens

Gearbox was really generous with the screenies... they distributed 32 shots to the Fanstock attendees. And now, we're distributing them to you!

Gameplay Shots

These are screen grabs taken during Fanstock. The majority are from Blood Gulch... but there are a variety of other levels, as well. Most shots are 800x600, but the last (a nice shot of the flamethrower) is at 1280x1024.

Halo4.jpg Halo12.jpg Halo1.jpg Halo2.jpg
Halo5.jpg Halo6.jpg Halo10.jpg Halo13.jpg
Halo11.jpg Halo3.jpg Halo7.jpg Halo9.jpg

Hi-res Level Shots

These are 1280x1024 shots of the various new levels in Halo. Two have never been seen before (Infinity and Ice Fields).

dangercanyon1.jpg dangercanyon2.jpg deathilsand1.jpg deathisland2.jpg
gephyrophobia1.jpg gephyrophobia2.jpg icefields1.jpg icefields2.jpg
infinity1.jpg infinity2.jpg infinity3.jpg timberland1.jpg
timberland2.jpg timberland3.jpg    

All-New Rocket Hog shots

These are 1280x1024 in-game shots of the new Rocket Hog in action. Sweet!

RWH1.jpg RWH2.jpg RWH3.jpg RWH4.jpg
RWH5.jpg RWH6.jpg    

None of these would be here without the cool people at Gearbox - thanks, guys!

Gearbox Software

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