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Link Submission

For far too long, we've been lax about accepting links for our Halo Links page. Folks want to get the word out about their website - we should be helping. And now we can. Simply fill out the simple form below, and we'll add your link to our collection! (It still has to be approved, because any time you give people a way to automatically add content to a website, you inevitably attract losers who try to abuse the system - but you shouldn't have to wait more than a day to see your link hit our Links page.)

NOTICE: We will only be approving sites that have Halo content as their primary material, or as a prominent subset. If you've got a general Xbox website, or a general PC-based FPS site... please don't submit your link. Thanks!

NOTICE 2: Wow, a lot of people are submitting sites that aren't even up yet, or have no content. Please - don't do this. We just have to reject them. :( Wait until you have some content, and THEN submit your site.

NOTICE 3: Do NOT submit 7th Column chapters; there's an entire site for those. (We couldn't handle the thousands of submissions we'd get if we started accepting these. The Bungie.net search functions are perfectly adequate for chapters.)

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