Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 15:37:34 -0600
From: Attfield <>
X-Accept-Language: en
Subject: John Zero's wallpaper

Hey all,

    Just wanted to point out that the wallpaper that John Zero made
couldn't possibly be meant to have the Halo logo on it (unless John Zero
is a Bungie employee or really good corporate spy.)  Why do I say this?
If you check out the Marathon story for July second of this year,
you'll notice that the same wallpaper was posted as "Cortana artwork".
    I think that it was completely by fluke that the 'O' on Halo
happened to appear on "an actual NASA Hubble image of the 'rampaging
fronts of the Veil Nebula'."
Just a thought, Bradley Attfield