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quiet island? by Agnischief@

seclusion 1, islander
Date: 30 October 2005, 10:53 pm

Legend has it that years, and years ago, the island known as Isna - Sorna was home to a failed experiment. Experimenting with dinosaur DNA, creating the first dinosaurs to walk the earth in millions of years. However in a futile attempt to tame the beasts the dinosaurs went AWOL, destroying everything in there path. Everyone deserted the isle leaving the dinosaurs to live as free as ever. That was in the year 2001. Now, in the year 3445 The USNC was sure the menace had all died decades ago, so they established a base on the isle. Little did they know.......

1. Aftermath

The remnants of the covenant juggernaut were very angry with there previous defeat. In addition to death of the prophet of Truth, the covenant's political leader, and the fact that there holy city was overrun by the flood. In spite of all this the covenant determination of the destruction of the "filthy humans" has pushed them forward. So they decide in sending an Ossano, (Eye of the covenant) to see if the Intel they recovered from a crumbling covenant battle net about the new human base was true. The ossano is named, Karta 'Rakamee A very strong warrior, he never failed in battle and is the relative of the arbiter, Rictan 'Fasamee. As he climbed into his Seraph fighter, several honor guard brutes loaded supplies.

They consisted as the follows: rations, weapons, three overshield generators, and three active – camo generators. Before his ship was launched, a ship master said one of the last elite voices he would hear, "the Covenant have blessed this mission, and have blessed you. Good luck brother." Then 'Rakamee's seraph sped away into space. He was indeed blessed, or just lucky. Because at the very moment he left the destroyer Sacred Sanity, five super MAC (magnetic acceleration cannon) rounds tore right through the destroyer like Swiss cheese. Shortly after, the destroyer's particles scattered throughout the dark recesses of space.

2. Redemption
Library, entrance (flood escaped, destruction immanent)
"Run damit!" corporal Jacobs yells. Oh, I'm private Rays. Our pelican is out of juice and we're stuck. I told them not to go on in by our selves but now we're screwed beyond belief because…. Oh god the got the corporal…. No, no, no, no, stay away…..AAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!Bram, Bram!!! "God that was close thanks sergeant." "Don't mention it, Rays. You're lucky the bay doors closed." The conversation was quickly interrupted by a loud explosion followed by a crash, and the pitter – patter of feet.

"Oh no! There going to break in!!!" Rays screeches in fear. "Not a chance. The pelican can't be broken into by a couple grenades." Then there was the screeching of stressed metal and a small crack appeared in the pelican's hull and a tentacle poked though. A private whimpered in fear. "I hope the chief gets back, and soon." A growl was heard and the tentacle whooshed out of the pelican.

And hundreds by the hundreds of the small flood poured into the small cabin of the pelican. The pelican began to rock back and forth and finally stopped. The marines never made it out alive. Private Rays however, went into the cockpit and locked the door only to find the male and female pilots having an "interesting" moment together he closed the door and locked it.
"Hey Rays get out of here!" the female pilot shouted. "Get your cloths on marines," he barked, "we're getting off this ring." "But what about th-" "we have to leave because one, there are flood on this pelican two, we'll die, and three, your naked and I'm not so now start flying!" "Ok."
The engines fluttered and started and the ship took off the pelican flew straight up, and the ramp opened and the bodies, flood, and all evidence the flood boarded the ship were gone. Except for two hidden under the seat. They made it to Earth but crashed on the island Isna – Sorna the location of the secret ONI military base!

Isna – Sorna military base at the time of the crash.

Turns out the Master Chief did make it back, alive and alone on Isna Sorna. He found a crashed seraph fighter with a hurt elite inside. The elite put up a futile fight and was properly shot with stun rounds, chained to the back of a warthog, and dragged to the base where it will be interrogated after being beaten, spat on, and then be forced to drink raw sewage. And at the same time as the seraph crashed, unknown to anyone at the time, the pelican crashed carrying a stowaway. Half a meter tall with a bulbous head, and tentacles for legs, the only survivor, a flood. Oh noes!