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The Rise of Humanity: Part 1 (Revised!)
Date: 7 December 2003, 10:08 PM

It's year 2574. The Covenant has made it to Earth. The remaining thirty-two thousand Marines on Earth are trying to hold off the one million Covenant soldiers. The Covenant has wiped out every single colony except two. Earth and Versa III. The Covenant planned to glass Versa III, but right when they were about to, the Covenant Destroyer that was going to glass the planet, the destroyer suddenly exploded.

Melissa got out of her Cryo-tube, and immediately spit out the Cryo-fluid that was in her throat. She went to the Science Lab to put on her MJOLNIR XIV Battle Suit. When she got there, she noticed that her MJOLNIR X Battle Suit was not there anymore. Instead, a battle suit looked exactly like her MJOLNIR X Battle Suit in every aspect except for the color. She put the suit on, and slipped her AI, Aphrodite, into her helmet. Aphrodite noticed that Melissa was in a new suit, so she analyzed the suit. This suit was called the MJOLNIR XI, and it was much better than the MJOLNIR X suit. The MJOLNIR XI had built in Plasma Swords in each of her hands, and the shield could take three times as many 20 direct shots of plasma or 120 direct bullets. Aphrodite said, "I'll activate the Plasma Swords for you...just be careful and not poke yourself,"

Three seconds later, two Plasma Swords erupted from her hands. She walked over to 2x2 meter block of Titanium-A, and she took a swing at it. The block immediately split in half, and part of it melted due to the extreme heat of the plasma. Melissa was not that amazed, since she had seen an Elite cut a Hunter in half with a Plasma Sword. She said, "Aphrodite, turn my Plasma Swords off."

The two blades disappeared, and Melissa continued, "Does this suit have active camouflage?"

"Yes it does. This active camouflage is simply amazing," Aphrodite said as she scanned the suit even more.

"How is it so much more amazing?" she asked.

"Well, you know that when Elites are cloaked and holding a Plasma Sword, their Plasma Sword doesn't cloak. But when you activate the active camouflage on this suit, and you have the Plasma Swords activated, the Plasma Sword are also cloaked, so you're almost totally invisible when you activate the active camouflage," Aphrodite explained.

"That suit's pretty amazing isn't it," Charles said as he walked into the room. (Charles is the leader of the MJOLNIR XI project.)

"It's more than amazing...I don't think that there's a word to describe how amazing it is!" Melissa replied.

"Well...who said that it was for you?" Charles asked.

"Uh...well...err...I assumed that it was for me," Melissa said.

"I'm just joking with you...it is for you. Oh, I'd like you to meet your new team-mate," he said. Just then, another Spartan walked in. He was wearing the same armor as Melissa, but he was much taller. "This is Master Chief. Master Chief, this is Melissa," Charles continued.

"Is that actually the legendary Master Chief? The one that destroyed Halo and a whole Covenant armada by himself?" Melissa asked.

"Yes," Cortana replied.

"Oh...and I assume you're his AI. Cortana?" Aphrodite asked.

"Oh yes...I've already hacked into all of your files. I know everything about you," Cortana said in a smart-ass tone.

"I noticed you hacking into the files. Anyways, my name is Aphrodite. It's a pleasure meeting the legendary Master Chief and his AI, Cortana," Aphrodite said.

"Well, it's a pleasure working with Melissa and you," Cortana replied.

"Well, if you follow me to my office, I'll tell you your mission," Charles said as he motioned for them to follow.

While Lindsay and Master Chief were walking to Charles's office, almost every single person that saw them was amazed. They all sat down, and Charles said, "We've detected a whole armada of ships just outside Versa III. The ships are easily three times as big as the largest UNSC Destroyer, and at least twice as big as the largest Covenant Destroyer. We have contacted them, and they identify themselves as the Forerunner. They have had a long history with the Covenant. The Covenant attacked them about 1500 years ago, an obliterated all the colonies. Except one. From that day on, they decided to wage war against the Covenant. They built ships, and they planned to attack the Covenant, but their leaders decided to wait. They advanced even further in technology, and today, they have decided to help us defeat the Covenant. They uploaded an immense file that has all their weapons, shield systems, and their history in it. We have decoded the whole file, and we have already begun building the new generation of ships. They have been nicknamed, 'The Masters of Disasters'. They are virtually unbeatable. They are easily twice as big as the largest Covenant ship; their shields are twice times stronger as theirs, the ships are now armed with 5 Super MACs, 550 auto-cannons equipped with 7.62 mm bullets, and Plasma Torpedoes that have the power of three 350-megaton nukes. The speed of these ships still remain on par with the Covenant, but the slip-stream jumps are now much more accurate due to the development of the Super AI's. Therefore, the Covenant cannot beat them. We also know where every single Covenant in-habited planet is, and their tactics," Charles explained.

"Well...in other words, the Covenant are screwed," Melissa said.

"Yea, the Covenant are screwed. Oh yeah, your mission is to get back to Earth and help the Marines there. They are dropping like flies. They desperately need your help. The first 'Master of Disaster' has been built. It is called The Wrath of Heaven. It will take you to Earth. You will have the whole Forerunner armada escorting you. The Forerunner armada will stay and fight the Covenant after they have escorted you," Charles said.

"But what if the Covenant attack Versa III while we're gone?" Master Chief asked.

"If they do, we still have three Forerunner ships to defend the planet. Do not worry...they Covenant will not attack Versa III. They have sent every ship that's operate-able to attack Earth. Oh, you'll also have a couple regiments of Marines, around 2 regiments of Forerunner Special Ops, 10 divisions of Forerunner 'Marines', and the whole air force of the Forerunner, which is about 1 000 'Owl Bombers'," Charles said.

"What? That would mean that I have about 70 000 soldiers under my command?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, you'd have about 70 000 soldiers and 1 000 Owl Bombers under you command. Now, you better get moving, or our plans will be off schedule!" Charles laughed.

Melissa and Master Chief boarded The Wrath of Heaven, and they took off. They were amazed at how quickly they entered the Sol Solar System. It took them a little less than half a day to get there. When they entered, they were greeted by two Covenant Destroyers, but were taken care of easily. They proceeded on meeting no resistance at all, until they saw the Covenant armada. They had an immense number ships, and even the combined forces of the Forerunners and the Humans could not match the number of ships the Covenant had. It was like a giant game of paintball. The Plasma and the Super MACs painted space, and many spacecrafts exploded. As the remainder of the Forerunner spacecrafts distracted the Covenant spacecrafts, The Wrath of Heaven, and its two escorts, descended towards Earth, and the battle was on...


Authors Note: I was going to write the second chapter of this Fan Fic a long time ago...but it slipped my mind. So i came back, read your comments, made some changes, and submitted a revised version of it...and i was wondering if anybody wanted to make this a co-operative effort, so if you are intersed, e-mail me at spookybanana29@hotmail.com!

Thanks! ?"?`"? ' '?"?`"?